If you have a  car and drive the street in Japan, your car has to recieve the vehicle inspection.
We have own garage and reliable mechanics.
We can make better proposal  for your budget.

Please check the expiration date in inspection certificate  then contact us.


Total fee of the vehicle inspection
※1 The tax fee is for the car that doesn't pass more 13years from initial resistration year ※2 Group of 5 number size ¥1700 Group of 3number size ¥1800
 We accept an order of additional repair after consultation with you,if you need or better to do. We can not accept illegal remodeled car. Please ask anything ,any time!! You need to bring the fee of the legal taxes and the other expences ,automobile inspection certificate, an policy of Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance in the recent past,certificate of automobile tax payment in the recent past and your seal. We have a loaner car if you need!